Despite the severe weather conditions. Sid Swaine Managing Director paid tribute to those that made it to work, most of whom were on time – amazing!

Of particular note were the efforts of Steve Brockwell, who will have looked after most of our customers at some point. Steve had to turn back home as the A24 was blocked by immobile vehicles, most would have probably phoned in, not Steve. Armed with waterproofs and a bicycle he road the 15 miles to work, three hours in total and was here to support the team and our customers by 8.30am. What outstanding commitment – well done and thank you Steve.

By Thursday the roads cleared a little, we had a full team once again and I convey my thanks and gratitude to all the staff that came to work when the easy option would have been to stay at home! I also thank those colleagues that tried but through no fault of their own were unable to get in.

So how did the snow affect DSC?

We like most had much snow to clear; we were unable to park vehicles already in our workshop until we cleared some parking bays. Then we had to clear the snow off customers’ cars before taking them into the workshop. The snow melts once inside, its not very pleasant working under a dripping car, and becomes dangerous walking on a very slippery floor!

Whilst some of our customers built snowmen, we prepared the site to receive those that had broken down and I am delighted that we were here, able and ready to help. By Thursday we started to return to a modicum of normality when disaster struck – we ran out of milk……….24hrs later all was well!

What about parts supply – you guessed it, the suppliers didn’t want to drive in the treacherous conditions – so we had customers’ cars to repair but no parts!!!!

By Wednesday we were able to begin reinstating customers’ cars making them mobile once again.

These conditions have caused severe disruption to many businesses, the cost probably will not be known for some time, without a dedicated team of staff and loyal customers we would not be in business. I take this opportunity of saying a big thank you to everybody for their understanding and continued loyalty during these testing conditions.