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We look after you vehicle diagnostic & repair needs Dorking, Surrey.

Diagnostics Dorking:

We have, and continue to, invested greatly in Vehicle Computer Diagnostic training and equipment.

With main dealer level diagnostic equipment and expertise, we’ll interrogate faults within your vehicle.

About Diagnostics at Dorking Service Centre 

(Computer Aided Diagnostics)

Your vehicle has 100’s of sensors and they are all over the place. From the engine, to the road wheels. From temperature sensors, to traction control. These sensors are relaying information back to the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) 100’s of times a second. If one of these sensors is losing its accuracy, relaying anomalous readings, a reading the ECU isn’t used to, is outside of the set parameters, or is out of the ordinary, the ECU puts a light on your dashboard. This light may not mean that there is a running fault with your vehicle. You may not notice any difference with the drivability. But the light coming on does mean there is something wrong somewhere.

This is where a Diagnostic Check comes in: Our Vehicle Diagnostic Computers plug in to your vehicles ECU, through the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) plug and detect the source of the fault. We can carry out your Diagnostic check Dorking.

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Computer Diagnostics – The Bad News

Diagnostics Dorking

Unfortunately this does not mean that our computers simply point to the faulty component, we replace the component in question and problem solved. Wouldn’t that be nice! Once we have a reading from the computer diagnostics, it requires our experienced technicians to interpret the fault code and then advise as to the best course of action. On occasion, it can be a non-specific fault code retrieved from the computer diagnostics. Therefore the fault code only points to a system as opposed to a component. At this point we try our best to eliminate potentially faulty components. Starting with a combination of what is most likely, based on previous experience and known fixes, and also cheaper components. We don’t want to spend your money on expensive components that may not be necessary.

More on Vehicle Diagnostics Dorking:

Your vehicle communicates through its CAN (Central Area Network) system. It acts similarly to a human’s nervous system.

View the short video to the right where this is explained.

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