We are able to repair braking systems, as well as replace and investigate brake related wear and faults. Dorking Service Centre can check your vehicle While-U-Wait.

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How Steering Works?

Your vehicles steering system is what transfers the drivers input from the steering wheel to the road wheels and ultimately the direction the car goes.

Most cars today have Power Assisted Steering (PAS). This system uses a pump to increase the effort input by the driver to operate the mechanical steering system. This means the driver can steer the vehicle more easily. It also allows the driver to dry steer the vehicle, this is when the road wheels are turned left or right whilst not rotating. Before power steering this would have been very difficult. It makes life easier for getting into those really tight parking spaces.

When the driver turns the wheel left or right, the effort is transferred through the steering column, down into the steering rack. The rack transfers the effort into the track rod and track rod end, which is attached to the hub. Then finally the road wheel attaches to the hub. The opportunity for wear in the system is fairly high. This is because not only does the steering have to move two big road wheels, normally with a big heavy engine weighing them down, (Unless you’re lucky enough to drive a mid-engined or rear-engined vehicle) but also the steering has to contend with the wheels it’s trying to turn, rotating at a rapid rate and bouncing up and down as the suspension tries to negotiate the undulations in the road surface.

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