Are you fed up with Traffic in Dorking?

Please help us to help with the flow of traffic in our town! Dorking Town Partnership are proposing to put a yellow box junction both at the top of our car park & at the Wescott Road/Vincent lane junction to help with Dorking’s traffic. We need 1,000...

Is your Battery fully charged?

A simple battery check from Bosch Car Service will help you avoid the inconvenience of dead battery. Detects battery deterioration before failure occurs High-quality replacement batteries used Proper disposal of cold batteries

When did you last check your Brakes?

Have you recently noticed any changes in your brakes such as softness in the brake pedelor unusual noises coming from the brakes? If that’s the case a brake check would be perfect. At Bosch Car Service we already know your car, as we benefit from Bosch knowledge...


Please be aware that unlike last years lockdown there is NO MOT EXTENSION this time. MOT tests still need to be carried out in the normal manner, we are operating all of our garage services in the normal manner so please get it touch if your car is in need of some...

We are OPEN

As an essential service we are OPEN and will remain OPEN, during the current restrictions.

New year, same car and same amazing service! For the past 100 years, Bosch Car Service has been providing you with a unique and reliable service to ensure the best possible quality for your car. And we will keep on going for the next 100 years!