We’d like to take this opportunity to share some fun facts about Women and their influence in the Motor Industry… ‘In 1910, just 5% of licensed drivers were women. Today, in most countries women are as likely to own a car as men.’ (Which probably isn’t a surprise to most of us) Research has also shown that women ‘have a massive influence on car buying decisions.’ ‘In 1902, Mary Anderson invented the first windscreen wiper.’ And with the weather we are used to in England, I think we are all quite grateful to her! ‘Silent movie actress Florence Lawrence is credited with inventing the first turn indicator and the full-stop signal that comes on when applying the foot-brake.’ ‘In 1916, suffragettes Alice Burke and Nell Richardson travelled 10,700 miles across America over seven months, not only spreading the message of women’s political rights, but also of women’s equality behind the wheel.’ ‘Henry Ford employed women as assembly workers and welders as early as 1922 (although he never intended for their roles to be permanent.) They were paid the same wage as men.