Electric Hybrid Repair Dorking

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle MOT, Service & Repair Dorking
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Electric Hybrid Repair Dorking

Dorking Service Centre can look after your Electric & Hybrid Vehicle too!

We can service your Electric or Hybrid car!

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Repair Dorking

As the drive for lower emissions gradually improves and gathers more and more momentum, vehicle manufacturers are constantly researching and developing technologies to achieve this. As it stands the focus is to do this through electric cars.

Electric Car Servicing – Electric Cars still require servicing and maintaining in many ways the same as internal combustion engine vehicles. For example: Braking, Steering, Suspension and Tyres are the same as their internal combustion counterparts.


We can MOT your Electric or Hybrid Car

Electric Cars are the same with regard to other vehicles, in as much that they require an MOT once they are 3 years old and then each year subsequently.

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Electric Car Benefits

Environmentally, they emit zero carbon…….locally. I.E no gases from an exhaust pipe, which makes the air we breathe cleaner.

Financially, it is claimed that they can cost as little as 4 pence per mile, other estimates suggest 7p-10p, compared to a petrol engine car, around 8 pence per mile and up to 22 pence per mile, depending on engine size and cost of petrol in your area. Diesel engines are relatively comparable, somewhere in the order of 6.7 pence per mile rising with engine size accordingly.

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 Electric Cars Drawbacks

Availability and installation of charging points – You would need to have the ability to install a charging point at your home, which of course has an associated cost, somewhere in the region of £1,000. Whilst the number and availability of charging points is ever increasing, they’re still not as plentiful as petrol stations.

Downtime – It can be 5 hours and up to 13 hours, depending on the battery power of the vehicle to fully charge, a fast charge can be 40 minutes and up to 75 minutes. Clearly this is much longer than the 3-5 minutes it takes to fill your car up with petrol or diesel.

Planning – If you were going to do a long drive, up to Scotland or even in to Europe, the level of planning required is far greater. Where are you going to stop to recharge and how much longer the journey will take.

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"Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers that arrived the other day. They are very pretty and were in a lovely pot. They brightened up my day no end. My Dad always sung your...


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