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Winter Tyres Dorking:

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Winter Tyres Dorking Service Centre

Winter Tyres are designed for the cold harsh weather and are more effective at clearing water in slippery and/or snowy conditions. They don’t necessarily guarantee that you could embark on an arctic expedition, but they greatly improve the situation. Winter Tyres are particularly recommended if you have to drive during the winter months in areas which make for a challenge when the weather turns.

Drivers who live or drive in the countryside, on country roads and/or near hills.Winter tyres have more grooves in them for clearing water, whether it’s liquid or solid state (i.e. water or snow) and are a softer construction, meaning an improved contact with the road.

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Different Types of Tyre – Tyre Labelling

So what tyre manufacturer and model is best for you?

This is a discussion that could take place all day, or longer. Every tyre manufacturer makes good tyres and they all have to meet the various standards imposed on them.

You do tend to get what you pay for with tyres, it isn’t that cheap tyres are bad, it’s just the more expensive tyres are better. But not necessarily in the areas you would expect. Just because you buy Michelin’s top of the range tyre, doesn’t mean it will last 50,000 miles.

You may have chosen a tyre that is extremely effective in wet conditions and therefore very good at transferring stopping power to the road and effective when aquaplaning, but there is a trade-off for that type of performance, it may not last as long as other tyres.

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Tyre Horrors

See how your tyres can wear age and/or get damaged.

Tyre Labelling Explained

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