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Brakes Dorking: Brake Pads, Discs, Calipers, Shoes, Drums & more at Dorking Service Centre

Brakes at Dorking Service Centre:

We can look after your Brake & Braking System repair needs.

We supply and fit the required parts ensuring your braking performance keeps you and other road users safe; our experienced and friendly technicians are on hand to help

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Braking System Faults

– Brake Squeal Noise

– Brake Grinding Noise

– Brake Fluid Loss

– Poor Braking Performance

– Soft Brake Pedal

– ABS Faults

Braking System Parts

 – Replacement Brake Pads

– Replacement Brake Discs

– Brake Shoes

– Brake Drums

– Wheel Cylinders

Brakes Dorking

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Expert Advice

Brakes Dorking Service Centre

Your brakes are the most important component on your vehicle. They could be a lifesaver for you, another
road user or a pedestrian. Worn brakes are nowhere near as effective as new brakes and could be the
difference in an emergency braking situation. If you feel your brakes aren’t as effective as they should be, or
you have a noise under braking – Call Dorking Service Centre for a free safety check and thorough
assessment of you Brakes & Braking System – 01306 747050.

Our Policy

Brakes Dorking Service Centre

At Dorking Service Centre we don’t have our staff on a bonus scheme! What this means, is our technicians are in no way incentivised to find faults with your vehicle, similarly with our Service Advisers. So you can be assured that a fault reported by our staff is genuine and you have been advised as to the best course of action for YOU the customer.

Your brakes can age as well as wear!

With rain and lack of use, your brake discs can become corroded and significantly less efficient as well an unpleasant noise and feel.

At Dorking Service Centre we can look after your braking system & brake repair needs.

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