At Dorking Service Centre. We can remedy your suspension woes!

We can help with. Replacement Road Springs, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Bushes, Suspension Joints, Suspension Arms, Anti-Roll Bars and Anti-Roll Bar Links. All under one roof, at Dorking Service Centre. Fitted by our experienced, friendly technicians, in our state-of-the-art workshops!

Suspension & The Roads

With the condition of roads of late, your vehicles suspension is under huge stress and strain.

We have seen an increase in suspension related faults recently. Many of which are undetectable! Road Springs can break, Shock absorbers can begin to leak, Suspension bushes wear at a greater rate, leading to squeaks and knocks. 

A Safety Check

Dorking Service Centre offers, a safety check of your vehicle, including a comprehensive check of your vehicles suspension!

Do you have a noise from your suspension? Is your vehicle a bit more bouncy than normal? Have you hit a pot hole? Do you want your vehicles suspension checked?

Some Helpful Suspension Information

The job of a cars suspension is to maximise the friction between the tyres and the road surface. To provide steering stability, with good handling and to ensure the comfort of the passengers.

If a road were perfectly flat, with no irregularities, suspension would not be necessary. But roads are far from flat. Even newly tarmacked motorways have imperfections. This interacts with the wheels­ of a car. It’s these imperfections that apply forces to the wheels. According to Newton’s laws of motion, all forces have both magnitude and direction. A bump in the road causes the wheel to move up and down, perpendicular to the road surface. The magnitude, of course, depends on whether the wheel is negotiating a giant bump, or a tiny hole. Either way, the car wheel experiences a vertical acceleration as it passes over an imperfection.

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